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The Center for Primary Care and Sports Medicine, Lawrence T. Kacmar MD, SC is unique in medicine today. We look at medicine as a relationship between doctor and patient. A relationship based on a care model that places the patient at the center. More about our philosophy >>

The Center for Primary Care and Sports Medicine is a multi-specialty practice, specializing in Sports Medicine with a foundation of Primary Care. We are proud to offer our patient a complete medical clinic, offering services of Digital X Ray, Ultra Sound, Physical Therapy and Lab. This allows us to treat and serve our patient comprehensively in one location.

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Lawrence T. Kacmar M.D., S.C. has been recognized as one of the top Aurora Sports Medicine practices.
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The Center for Primary Care and Sports Medicine maintains a flexible appointment policy and schedules. Same day appointments are always available. For your convenience, evening appointments are also available. Call us today at 630-375-1625.


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